Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can You Help Us Help African-American Students?

Friends and Colleagues,

Real Role Models is set to be published next January. Neither Louis nor myself have written this book to make an impact on our wallets, instead believing the biggest impact of this book will be in transforming the lives of Black students around the country, particularly those in impoverished and inner-city settings.

That said, I am asking you to read the note below from Ian Smith, a colleague of mine who runs a foundation that helps underprivileged Black students get a college education, and consider helping us reach our target audience.



This is an excellent book. I started reading it and could not put it down, seriously. The message this book tells is exceptional. The testimonies from the selected role models will relate to whoever reads this book. The way you used modern people like Charles Barkley and Jay-Z to Kirk Franklin to make certain points will engage younger people to keep reading. Not only that, but there is a need for REAL ROLE MODELS in today's society. Recently, I conducted a leadership workshop and I asked two groups of 13-18 year old students who they thought were leaders. All except maybe 1 or 2 students mentioned athletes and entertainers as leaders instead of themselves, their parents or some of the more influential people in the world like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our youth today, many value the works of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant more than the works of Dr. King, Malcolm X, Madame C.J. Walker and even Barack Obama. The young people don't understand there is more to life than sports, until it's too late. The huge amount of crime being committed today is unbelievable. I believe this book comes in good timing and hopefully will find some of these young people who is in dire need of some positive influence. Mr. Joah Spearman, thanks for co-authoring this book, its wonderful. I commend you and your colleague for the works of this book, I just hope it reaches the youth before its too late.

Ian Smith


If, after reading this note, you think of anyone whom you think would consider recommending the book Ian describes above to a school principal, after-school program leader, nonprofit organization director, business executive, church pastor, coach or community leader...please LET ME KNOW!

My best email is Joah_Spearman@yahoo.com.

Thank you so much.