Friday, May 18, 2007

Real Role Models - An Introduction

Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting the official blog site of a book tentatively titled, Real Role Models, by myself and Dr. Louis Harrison. Louis and I are very appreciate of your support as we undertake a challenging, but much-needed, endeavor of sharing the experiences, life lessons, and perspectives of black role models around the country to uplift and inspire our youth.

Although the book's title may change before it's final print, you can be sure that our commitment will remain on finding real (black) role modes who can help inspire today's youths - particularly African-American high school and college students - to be ambitious, be committed, and not to be afraid of what opportunites are available to them.

There are several books aimed at similar purposes, but Louis and I felt there remains a need for young African-Americans to want to experience the world and all its possibilities. Too often, our youth are led to believe - either by the media or by popular culture - that they must find success as athletes, entertainers, musicians or, even worse, in crime.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be posting updates about our progress in completing this book and what we gather along the way. We welcome and appreciate your support and feedback throughout.


Joah Spearman a.k.a. "JoahKnows"

P.S. I will also post relevant articles and other materials to share more about our inspiration for this book and our backgrounds.

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